Ok, so I coined the title from Karl Pilkington, but I don’t think there has ever been another man it applies to more than EB.

He has finally left our shores for three weeks of reveling and sight seeing in historic China. He will be there for the Chineses New Year, I am more than a little envious.

But in true EB fashion, he did not leave without a final drama……. his last afternoon at work, he asked to leave early as his flight was early on the Saturday, (we live a 5 hour drive away  from Heathrow) no problem. As this could potentially be his last day of working here, (we are starting a business together and we don’t know how the boss feels yet, because he has yet to speak to us about it???) he gathered up his personal belongings from his desk, usual stuff, mug, a catalogue for prosperity, a few of his business cards, and most importantly, his wage cheque.
He was carrying a large sack of mail, and to mke his life a bit better, I put all his belongings in an a big padded envelope to ease tranportation.

Off  he goes, big goodbyes in his funny old Rover car.

Ten minutes later…the phonecall came…..

‘Hi, issue’.
He had put all the packet post into the franking machine box (its a square contraption where you pull down a big handle and put in packets, you can put stuff in, but can’t get it out) along with his envelope containing personal belongings, and……his wages cheque….. DOH!!

Several plans were laid, ringing the sorting office, hunting down postmen, etc etc, but only one would actually work, camping by the Post Box awaiting the collecting postie.

Well, of course it was me that had to do it, I waited in -2 temperatures in the car, for an hour before finally the little red van pulled up!
I jogged over to him playing the dozy female, ‘ don’t worry love’ came his relpy, ‘I know what you girls are like, I had a woman post her handbag once’……oh how funny, I bet actually her male companion posted her handbag, and she had to pretend it was her just to get it back again!!!

But reader, I never expected EB’s departure to be a smooth one. He is now safely in China, I have yet to here about any of his expolits.
I think the blog will be a retrospective view for a few weeks, or just the ramblings of an abondoned collegue.

So no takers on EB yet….. no lovely ladies have come forward to claim their , erm, prince. This is indeed a dispointment.

Until the next time, thanks for reading