Welcome to my blog, its an odd one really, but this is WordPress home of every unusual idea under the sun it seems!

I have a friend, who for the purpose of this experiment, we shall call EB (Eligible Bachelor), because although he knows about this blog, he does not want his name on it just yet…….

EB, of late has been having some issues with women. He is a funny, clever and mildly attractive young man (23) who has picked some duff birds in his time. The first one, we shall call UHU turned out to be nuts, and went all stalker on him, the second, the hippy, she called him too clingy for texting her one afternoon a month into their friendship, and the last one, Roller girl , just thought he was not clingy enough….

Poor old EB, he can’t win, however, I thought I would start a blog to showcase my lovely friend, to help find him a lovely girl.

Who knows maybe this will never be read by anyone, or maybe just that one person may read it and decide he is definately her cup of tea!!

I work with EB, everyday, and some evenings aswell in a second job, and it has to be said, everyday he does something entertaining or ridiculous, and that is what this blog is going to chart, his basic everyday quotes and antics!

His hair alone could fill a blog!

Well I hope if you have stumbled upon this, and you are a nice girl looking for a nice boy, or you know of said girl, please subscribe to my blog and let EB know that there are women out there that appreciate, educated well mannered boys still!!

Thanks for reading!


Britains Most Eligible Bachelor